6 main mistakes when choosing a meat grinder

An electric meat grinder can become a faithful assistant in the kitchen – if, of course, you choose it correctly. Manufacturers produce equipment with a different set of characteristics, which are not so easy to understand. Consider the main mistakes that can be made when choosing an electric meat grinder.

Do not calculate power
Power is the main indicator of the efficiency of a meat grinder. The larger it is, the faster the device works. In addition, powerful devices are less demanding on raw materials. For example, a 450 W appliance will process one kilogram of meat in one minute. Meat grinders with a power of 800-1200 W will turn one and a half kilograms into minced meat per minute. Devices for 1300-1400 W will grind 2-2.5 kilograms of meat per minute. The more you cook, the more powerful your meat grinder you need.

Electric meat grinder Axion M21.10 white

The price of a meat grinder largely depends on the power. Therefore, it is important to decide for what purpose you are buying the device. The cheaper option may simply not cope with some tasks – there will not be enough power. However, something complicated is not required from the meat grinder, then it makes no sense to overpay for extra watts.

Keep in mind that in most cases, the maximum indicator is written on the boxes. In this case, in the standard mode, the meat is chopped at lower capacities. With a peak of 1800 W, the rated power can be as low as 500 W.

It is important to know how long the device can work without interruption. This information is indicated in the instruction manual. Desirably, the meat grinder had a device that protects the engine from burnout. This will seriously extend the service life.
















Do not include additional features
The cost of the device largely depends on its configuration. The attachments give the electric meat grinder additional possibilities. If you do not understand the functions of a household appliance, you can either overpay for unnecessary parts, or take the device without the necessary elements.

The most important units of the meat grinder are the auger, knives and grate-disc. The auger is a spiral piece that pushes the meat towards the knives as it rotates. Screws are made of both metal and plastic. The knives are always made of stainless steel. They can be one-sided or two-sided. The grates play an important role: they allow you to achieve the desired minced meat consistency. Their purpose depends on the diameter of the holes.

small – for baby food, fish and chicken mince, pates;
medium – for minced pork, beef;
large – for chopping vegetables and fruits, making chopped cutlets.
Different models have additional accessories. Using such devices, you can cook sausage, mashed potatoes, salad, shape cookies, and so on. Before buying, you should look at the complete set of the meat grinder so as not to miss the choice. Someone does not need a large assortment, someone needs it, and therefore they should pay extra for accessories.

What attachments are there?
Kebbe – used to make kebabs.
Juicer – allows you to prepare juice, fruit drink.
For sausages and sausages – you can fix a sausage “gut” on it, then fill it with minced meat.
Grater, slicer – you can rub or cut food.
For cookies – makes dough circles or curly sausages.
For pasta – makes noodles and spaghetti.
For cutlets – allows you to sculpt cutlets of the same size.
In addition, many models have a reverse function. It allows the auger to rotate in the opposite direction, which pushes the veins and unprocessed pieces of meat outward.

Don’t think about ergonomics
A meat grinder, among other things, should be easy to maintain and use. When buying, it is important to consider all the nuances – including the size of the device. It is worth figuring out how to clean the meat grinder, is there a place to store the attachments. Otherwise, the device may not be very convenient to use.

When choosing, it is important to pay attention to the additional features of the meat grinder, which make it more convenient. Useful additions:

Cleaning accessories. Removing leftover meat from the grill holes is not a pleasant experience. To simplify handling, many manufacturers complete their devices with special accessories that provide quick cleaning of various grids.
Storage space for attachments. With a dedicated storage compartment, you don’t have to look for accessories throughout the kitchen.
Pay attention only to cost
The cost of a meat grinder, as a rule, depends on its functionality. Models for infrequent use are sold at a price of two to eight thousand rubles. Meat grinders of increased power are more expensive – their price varies between 5-12 thousand rubles. As a rule, they have a good range of different attachments. The most expensive equipment is professional. Such devices cost 16-30 thousand rubles. In order not to overpay, you need to decide how often the meat grinder will be used.

Yes, really buying a meat grinder that is too cheap (and not too high quality) can be really expensive for the buyer. Due to frequent breakdowns or premature “death” of the device can negate all the savings. However, the high price is not the main indicator of quality. Top models are available in any price segment.

Take only the iron version
The body of the meat grinder can be made of three types of materials:

Metal is a more durable material than plastic. However, it is an order of magnitude heavier. If the device needs to be frequently rearranged from place to place, it is better to give preference to plastic or combined models.

The cases of modern equipment are most often made of high-quality plastic. Such devices are quite durable and lightweight – they are easier to move.

There are options in which the plastic case is lined with a metal sheet. This grinder is easier to clean and more durable: less chance of cracking.

Hope the meat grinder replaces the blender
A meat grinder cannot replace a blender – this is a common mistake of novice cooks. These devices have a different principle of operation. With the help of a meat grinder, you can get only a homogeneous product consisting of small particles. But the ideal puree can only be prepared with a blender.

The devices also differ in “culinary preferences.” A meat grinder is primarily needed for processing meat. Modern models can also be used for fish, vegetables and fruits. Blenders are used for making purees, sauces, whipping creams and beverages.