6 cool ideas on how to spend the New Year holidays

That would be for the New Year holidays to give up to hot Thailand and change dirty snow to a warm sea … Okay, let’s not talk about the topical. Let’s better think about what to do on New Year’s holidays so that we can remember this time with pleasure. Catch ideas.

Lay down for the whole week with games

Well, of course. What else can we advise first. Sit back with a clear conscience, play old and new games. Finally, without fuss, go through the sensational Cyberpunk 2077 , hack to death with friends in the good old Heroes of Might & Magic III, arrange meat in Doom: Eternal , plunge into the dragon romance in Skyrim. In general, you finally have the opportunity to go through what you have long wanted. You have a lot of time for this and no unnecessary things to do. In our selections, you can find different versions of games for yourself: long and short, top and most undemanding to hardware, games for one or for a company. We even made a special exclusive selection of games for the New Year holidays – check it out.

It’s time to revisit all parts of “Harry Potter”, “The Lord of the Rings”, the full Marvel cycle or a new series. Now you can honestly watch films and cartoons even until the morning, overlaid with sweets. We can recommend, of course, a large and impressive TV – a timeless classic. But to experience the maximum sensations and feel literally in a VIP cinema with sofas and endless access to cola and chips, put on a projector. A full-wall image is much more spectacular than any TV. And for a complete immersion, the 5.1 audio system is still not enough. Be sure to read up on how to position it correctly in the room and enjoy surround sound like in a movie theater.

New Year is the time to visit while everything is at home. A mountain of hot sandwiches, tabletop, favorite friends – a recipe for a good evening. For quick and tasty snacks, it’s great to get a grill – the meat cooks in it quickly, cleanly and turns out to be juicy like in a restaurant. For vegetarians, you can roast vegetables.

As a last resort, a microwave oven with a grill comes in handy : cut the bread, lay the filling, sprinkle with cheese and send it to the microwave for a few minutes. The appetizer is ready!
















What to do with friends depends, of course, on the company. Someone can play Jenga with excitement, pulling wooden blocks from the tower. The most relaxed and flexible can enter the classic twister. Classic board games do not give up their positions either. And for small companies, you can grab a couple of gamepads and arrange competitions in races or fight in the Mortal Combat arena.

To keep the New Year holidays in mind, make it a rule to do something cool every day. At least one small business that brings you pleasant emotions. You can arrange a winter horse ride, go to a snow-covered (or not so) forest, go ice skating, stroll around the mall and buy yourself something nice – come up with your own recipes for a good mood. And it will not necessarily be something grandiose or expensive – you can bake spicy cinnamon-flavored cookies, serve them as for an Instagram photo and already catch a pleasant feeling of coziness and celebration.

And so that these days will not be forgotten – get an instant camera and take exactly one photo of the brightest moment of the day. Then you can paste them in the old fashioned way into an album or hang them on clothespins on the wall and voila – the memories of your bright beginning of 2021 are ready!

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The alternative is an action camera . Here you can not only print photos, but also edit a video or a whole film about your holidays. At the same time, you will try yourself as a videographer, director and editor.

There is a huge scope for imagination! Have you wanted to learn photography for a long time? Hold a camera phone , a reflex or mirrorless camera in your hands and go – make the first photo masterpieces with the participation of your beloved cat. Always dreamed of drawing – a graphic tablet , a digital art course, and now you are already taking your first steps in digital drawing.

Picture yourself the star of the stage as you sing in the shower – the microphone is in your hands. Dream of making millions on your blog – of course a modern Iphone , a lavalier microphone and a circular lamp.

Culinary experiences take time, patience and a certain attitude. It is extremely difficult to conjure up a new dish with inspiration when you come home tired and exhausted from work in the evening. Therefore, all gourmet innovations are ideal for the New Year holidays – there is more than enough time, and you can always invite guests to present them with an original dish.

We recommend trying Sous-vide – this is a technology for long-term cooking at low temperatures. So the maximum of useful substances is preserved in the products, and the texture of the dish itself turns out to be super-tender and soft. Sous-vid is especially popular in restaurants nowadays, and you can learn this technique at home – it doesn’t need anything special other than a special thermometer. We’ve even got a couple of recipes to get you started .

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Other ideas include buying a barbecue maker and having a real picnic with real barbecue. Only at home in winter. Or read our article about homemade sausages and surprise your loved ones with quality homemade sausages.