5 reasons to buy a desktop PC instead of a laptop

Buying a new piece of hardware for work, study, games is always a responsible decision. Looking into the catalog of the store, you can get confused by the variety of models, shapes, colors and completely get confused in the parameters and characteristics. If you have already experienced all the agony of choice and still cannot choose – a computer or a laptop, then in this material we take the side of the PC. And that’s why.

If, on duty or at the call of your heart, you travel around cities and towns, you cannot do without a laptop. Otherwise, you should choose a desktop PC. Let’s look at a few typical cases.
Pupil or student. Basically, all educational tasks are solved using a smartphone or tablet so faster. Laptop – overweight and anxiety for safety and integrity (dropped, lost, stolen). The real need for a laptop arises only during presentations, diploma defense, and these are extremely rare events. In case of urgent need, you can borrow from friends.
Office worker. Reading and typing in public transport is still a pleasure, but driving is not at all possible. If during the run from home to work computer there is a need to read and answer a letter, surf the Internet, a mobile phone will cope with this task.
All other earthlings. A quarterly trip to nature or a three-week vacation once a year will be mastered by an inexpensive and compact laptop. Such a device will be weaker than a desktop PC, it will not handle heavy games and powerful graphic editors, but you can run a browser on it and watch movies.
Stationary holodushechka or personal stove
A spacious desktop PC case with 3-4 fans or VDO allows you to load the processor and video card to the maximum without fear of overheating. In summer heat and winter cold, computer sensors show a stable temperature.

Laptops are cold only if they are used as a typewriter. Limited space does not allow fast and efficient heat removal from the processor and video chip. Therefore, engineers have provided two modes of operation of the processor cores – with a reduced clock frequency at the level of 1.1-1.4 MHz and an increased one – 2.8-3.6 MHz. A browser or text editor almost does not load the video card and the main processor, which cannot be said about modern games with heavy graphics that arrange a Finnish bath inside the case.
















Of course, the problem can be solved by buying a table with cooling or a large monitor, a bluetooth keyboard, and a dozen more stray things. But why, if it is cheaper and easier to purchase a desktop calculator?

The charms of scoliosis
Even a snake can envy the flexibility of the spine of a laptop owner. The most popular poses are: half-turned on a low chair in a cafe, doubled over on a sofa, lying with an unnaturally twisted head, hunched over at the kitchen table, in a lotus position on a bed.

Laptops give a certain level of freedom, and with it the ability to mock your back.

Upgrade the snuffbox
Game manufacturers roll out their product to the market every year with more stringent requirements for hardware. Top laptops from three years ago can no longer handle Cyberpunk at ultra-high graphics settings, and there is practically nothing that can be done about it.

In some cases, you can install a larger SSD, install additional memory sticks, try to replace the video card, or connect an external, more powerful one. This will cost a pretty penny, and even such small changes cause problems with heating.

With budget laptops, it’s even more difficult. Video card – usually not removable and probably cut down in comparison with the desktop version. It is not possible to install an additional cooling system. You can replace the keyboard, but you will have to look for exactly the same one and overpay for it. And not the fact that Cyrillic letters will be applied to the key.

But even if the upgrade is not planned, sooner or later you will have to clean the case, change the thermal paste or repair something.

Maintaining a laptop is much more difficult than a PC. Only it will take a lot of time, endurance and screwdrivers to disassemble and assemble it. At the same time, the cost of repairs sometimes reaches up to 30–50% of the price of a new device.

Your desktop PC can be upgraded anytime, anywhere. It replaces absolutely everything: cooling, memory, motherboard, processor, keyboard case.

You can buy a basic version and gradually improve your car, module by module, in accordance with the budget, trends and your own sense of beauty.

A desktop computer can transform, which means it lives almost forever. In 10 years, the PC may not have a single part of those that were originally purchased, but it will still be your faithful pet.

entertainment center
Computers for many people are much more than just a machine for work. Watching a movie, playing games alone, or gathering for multiplayer with friends are classic vacation scenarios.

A stationary PC allows you to connect a good music system and install a large monitor of 42 or 46 inches. The whole family or a group of friends can gather behind such a multimedia combine. One gamepad or four is not a problem. Several keyboards, mice, SSD or flash drives – easily. And what if you connect three monitors or as many as five and get a new experience from your favorite games? With laptops, things are not so simple. The most popular models with screens of 14 and 15.6 inches do not allow you to distinguish details in movies and games. When reviewing their favorite movies on a 24, 27, 32-inch monitor, many are surprised to discover previously unnoticed details.

Bigger, better, more powerful for the same money
The cost of a PC is 20-25% less than that of a laptop. By saving 1/5 of the budget, you can build a modern powerful PC with a good graphics card and a large monitor. The most budget PC assembly cost 21,000 rubles, of which 25% is a monitor.

The first laptop from the catalog with slightly better characteristics cost 35,000 rubles:

If you add another 4,000 rubles to the resulting PC assembly, you can take a more efficient processor and video card. Save at least 5,000+ monitor that will last ten years or sell for 70% of original price. It is difficult to sell a laptop in 3-5 years even at half price.