5 mistakes when choosing a microwave oven

It would seem, well, how much easier it is to buy a microwave! But, actually, there are hundreds of them, very different, and all are good. But one microwave can replace your oven, and the other will heat a bowl of soup for 10 minutes. How to Choose the Perfect Microwave Oven? Be more attentive.

Take too small or too large
Microwaves come in a variety of sizes, from very compact to very roomy. Naturally, the larger the chamber volume, the larger the device itself. If you live alone and do not plan in the foreseeable future to reheat soup with saucepans and cook a whole chicken in the microwave, you do not need a 30-40 liter microwave at all. These are large, expensive and very weighty units that will take up a lot of space in the kitchen.

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Compact appliances up to 17–20 liters may be sufficient to heat food . If you are looking for a device to cook complete meals in it, it is better to choose an oven from 20 liters or more. And again: if you plan to cook small portions for 1-2 people, then 20-25 liters will be enough . If you have a large family and you cook a lot, take 30 liters or more .

It is important to remember that small microwave ovens will not fit large dishes.

Do not check the power
It may seem that the power always depends on the volume: the larger the chamber capacity, the higher the power. However, among the microwave ovens for 15-20 liters, there are both low-power and quite efficient models. It all depends on the needs. There are conventional microwave ovens for heating food – absolutely any model will cope with this task. But thin even warming will be a long time, so if you are not willing to wait for a bowl of soup (and who, incidentally, is heated longest!), You still choose among the medium-power models – 700-800 watts . For cooking, look for 800-1000 watts and above.

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In this matter, balance and understanding of tasks is important. If you take the microwave only for warming up and do not definitely plan to cook in it, there is no point in overpaying both for the volume of the chamber, and for the power or for other functions.

Pay no attention to programs

Microwaves are packed with all sorts of cooking options and are completely minimalistic in functionality. And again: if you buy a microwave to reheat food, you hardly need convection, a steamer and 30 automatic recipes. The only thing that can come in handy is the grill : it makes excellent and very quick hot sandwiches, it is nice to brown meat or chicken during heating, or you can cook grilled vegetables in a few minutes. All other functions that duplicate the oven are important only if you plan to use the microwave for cooking.

In this case, it’s best not to ignore all of the features. Convection is ideal for bulky dishes and baked goods, convection in combination with a grill will not only cook, but also brown the dish. And some microwave ovens also have a steaming option, in which you can cook healthy, dietary meals without buying a separate steamer.

Don’t think about management

Microwave ovens have two types of control – touch and mechanical . The touchscreen is easier to clean because there are no protruding elements – the smooth panel is easier to wipe clean. But mechanical relays are more intuitive – you can turn them on from memory without looking, and leave the settings at the usual parameters. Mechanical control is convenient for daily heating of food, because turning the relay is a matter of one second. On the sensor, you will have to spend a little time programming the cycle time and confirming the operation. If you do this several times a day, it can start to be annoying. But it is on the sensor that the exact setting of the power and the timer is possible with an accuracy of a few seconds. On the relay, everything is approximately.

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But besides the type, control functions can also be important. For example, if you live in a studio apartment or have someone very sensitive (or nervous) in your family, then the option to turn off the sound signal may come in handy . Yes, microwaves have evolved to not emit a high-pitched chime when ready!

The duration of the timer is important for those who plan to cook in the microwave – the more, the better, and certainly not less than an hour .

Defrosting is usually present even in the most budget models, but automatic recipe programs are good for advanced models and frequent cooking.

Do not think over the installation method
Microwaves can be put on, hung up, and even built in! If you don’t have a kitchen yet, it’s time to think about a built-in model . It saves a lot of space on work surfaces, completely hiding in the kitchen set. However, if you already have a kitchen, it is too late to buy a built-in model. You can hide a freestanding microwave oven in a wall cabinet by removing the facade from it. You can also buy brackets right away and hang the stove on the wall.