5 Hand Blender Features You May Not Know About

The hand blender is a simple device. What additional options can it contain? Whisk for beating eggs; sometimes a bowl in which you can crumble greens for a salad. In most cases, this is all, but not always. This article is about the unusual functions and capabilities of some models of the well-known kitchen appliance.

Mashed potatoes
If you have not tried to cook mashed potatoes with a blender, then it is better not to try: you get a viscous sticky mass that does not look like mashed potatoes either in appearance or taste. But this is only if the kit does not include a special attachment.

With the purée attachment, you no longer have to spend time and energy squeezing boiled potatoes with the help of a crushing machine. The puree is made quickly and easily, it turns out soft and smooth.

Such a nozzle has recently been found in a set of many blenders, including budget ones.

Milk is a capricious product. Sometimes the temperature is right, and the milk is right, but it does not froth, and that’s it. Five, seven, ten minutes – lumps of butter appear in the milk, but there was no foam, and no foam.

A special nozzle for frothing milk will help – unlike a regular nozzle, it does not have spatulas, it looks like a disc with slots (but it can be without slots). By the way, it is also better to beat egg whites with this attachment – it acts much more delicately and prevents the protein from stratifying when “overbeating”.

You should not even try to break a piece of ice (or frozen berries) with a regular blender – the load will be too large, the blender is likely to fail. But there are models in which the ice pick is indicated as one of the main functions right in the manual.

Of course, these are not ordinary blenders – they have an all-metal gearbox and a steel attachment, suitable for either whipping smoothies or cracking ice.














Additional attachments? Many manufacturers decided not to waste time on trifles, and therefore blenders of such brands are the basis for full-fledged food processors – with graters of several sizes, attachments for cutting slices and cubes, a attachment for beating dough, etc.

The bowl volume of such blenders is usually inferior to the bowl volume of “real” food processors, but for a small family, the option with a combine may be the best solution.

For models of some manufacturers, a bowl-harvester with a set of attachments can be purchased

Some blender models are capable of evacuating air from containers using the appropriate nozzle, increasing the shelf life of the products contained in them. It is well known that oxygen develops the vital activity of most bacteria, including those that cause food spoilage. This is the basis of the method of conservation by evacuation – evacuation of air.

The blender, with the help of a special attachment, turns into a vacuum pump capable of pumping out air from the containers and bags included in the set. You just need to put food in a bag, connect it to a blender with an installed vacuum attachment, and turn on the blender for a minute or two.

With the help of some attachments, products can not only be chopped for salad, but also ground into powder or puree. This includes solid foods such as nuts or coffee beans. To do this, you need a blender with a grinder or grinding disc included.

Blender Bamix DeLuxe M200 BBQ black 13 999 *
However, for some models, the mill attachment can be purchased separately.

This is not exactly a separate function, but still, the option for this type of kitchen appliance is non-standard. If you are so used to using only a blender that you do not want to give up its capabilities, then the battery model will come in handy when going outdoors . However, it is not necessary to go outdoors – even in a city kitchen, a device without a power cord is much more convenient to use.