5 hacks for posing on Instax

Here it is, the long-awaited moment: in your hands is the cherished brand new Instax camera. So I want to start taking cool photos on it as soon as possible! But how to pose in front of the camera correctly and what are the tips for this? We share with you a couple of life hacks!

Pose against a solid background
Opt for a solid background instead of a colorful one. So all attention will be focused on you and the picture will turn out stylish and minimalistic. A plain wall gives a huge scope for creativity and further processing. For example, you can make a photo special with an unusual outfit or accessories, or you can add patterns and geometric shapes to the space in the frame.

Don’t be afraid of a bright flash
Many tend to avoid bright flash when creating portraits, but we think this is a great helper for cool photos. A flash will add gloss to your photo, add mood and make even an ordinary photo much more interesting.

Fool around with loved ones
The best advice for perfect poses in front of the camera is not to come up with them in advance, but to improvise in a cool company! Make a sea of ​​funny photo cards with your loved ones. When, if not now? The advantage of Instax cameras is that they take instant photos that you can immediately give to everyone so that all participants in the photo shoot have magical memories of the evening!


Experiment with macro
It is not necessary to pose in full growth – photograph individual parts of the body and details. Who said that a photograph of your eyes or lips would not be aesthetically beautiful and worthy of being framed in the most prominent place? By the way, such photos look great in a collage with images of objects that match in color palette.

Express your emotions!
The best posing advice we can give you is don’t be afraid to express your emotions! Depict joy, anger, fear, bewilderment and happiness. Such photos are always very emotional, help you to relax and express yourself.