460 Million Year Old Meteor

460 Million Year Old Meteor

LONDON: Experts hope the 460-million-year-old meteorite, found last year in a field in the British county of Gloucestershire, could answer our most important question about the origin of life on Earth.

The meteorite was discovered by Derek Robson of the East Anglyan Astrophysical Research Organization (EAARO) and is being researched at Loughborough University .

Preliminary analysis revealed that this meteor is 4.6 billion years old (460 million years old).
That is, it dates back to the time when our planet Earth was newly formed and was in the form of a very hot, molten sphere.

However, at the time of its formation, the meteorite was orbiting in space and probably reached Earth one and a half billion years later. By the time the earth had cooled and solidified.

With the latest techniques, scientists have discovered that this meteorite, which looks like a black coal from the outside, contains very soft components inside that make it different from other meteors.

“The inner structure of this meteorite is very old, loose, with porous cracks and fissures,” said Sean Fowler, a microscope researcher at the University of Lufthansa.

It seems that this piece of asteroid has been relatively safe from extreme heat and extreme heat, etc. in the past, so it is hoped that the matter inside it will still be in the same condition as it is billions today. Years ago

A detailed study of these passages will help us to better understand the riddle of the origin of life on earth; about which we do not yet know clearly.

According to the “best assumptions” so far, the substances that provide the basis for life fell to Earth billions of years ago from space, and it is because of them that life on Earth began.

A similar hypothesis is called “Panspermia” which attributes the origin of life on Earth to “microscopic organisms living in space objects” that reach Earth and begin life here. Where the cause of evolution.

The soft and dilapidated internal structure of the meteorite understudy at Lufbra University also points in the same direction, but nothing more can be said about it before proper research is done.



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