3d Robotic Hands Can Now Play Video Games

Play Video Games

Maryland: Scientists at the University of Maryland have created a soft robotic hand with the help of a 3D printer that can play Nintendo games and can be seen playing Super Mario Brothers.

The story of this interesting invention is illustrated on the cover of the journal Science Advances. Undoubtedly, this can be called a milestone in soft robotics in which the hand robot can be used to play complex games. In this way, robotic arms and hands powered by air and water pressure can be cut instead of electricity. They can be used for prosthetic arms and other purposes. But controlling the air or liquid between the soft fingers was a big challenge in itself.

This hand is made in a single step with a 3D printer. Among the experts who made it is Joshua Hubbard. He says that thanks to fluid transistors, the whole hand moves at the same pressure input. If low pressure is applied, only the proximal finger moves, while the rest of the fingers become numb. In this way, under low pressure, Mario can walk in the game but cannot jump. Thus, it was necessary to give less, medium and more pressure to the fingers as required. Thus the ‘Integrated Fluidic Circuit’ was created and successfully completed a round of Super Mario Brothers in 90 seconds.

The next step was to improve the handicraft and complete the 3D print ray in one day, including liquid circuits, soft actuators and other parts.

But the question arises as to why the game has been played by hand. This is because even the slightest mistake is enough to shut down the game immediately. The process of playing the game demonstrates the usefulness of this gentle robotic hand.