36 Years Old Man Story

36 Years Old Man Story

Texas: Stories of memory loss due to an accident are often seen in movies and dramas, but such a true incident has taken place in the US state of Texas, which is also going viral on social media these days.

When Daniel Porter, 36, woke up one morning last year, he had forgotten about his 20-year-old life and thought he was a 16-year-old schoolboy. This condition persists to this day.

Daniel is an ophthalmologist who got married in 2010 and today his daughter is 10 years old.
The story began in June last year when Daniel moved into his parents’ house with his wife and daughter.

He lived in the same room at his parents’ house where he lived before marriage, during school hours.

When he woke up one morning, he had forgotten his last 20 years of life and considered himself a 16-year-old boy.

Daniel’s wife, Ruth, was smiling at him, and he wondered who she was. In the same predicament, he left the bed and when he reached in front of the mirror, he was even more surprised to see the reflection of a “fat middle-aged man”.

He thought he might have been kidnapped and looked around to escape the room.

Meanwhile, Ruth had woken up, which frightened Daniel. He didn’t remember anything even after reminding his wife a lot.

Soon Daniel’s parents found out about it and wanted to remind their son of the events of the last twenty years; but he too failed.

He did not remember that he was married nor did he remember his daughter who was then 9 years old.

An immediate medical examination revealed that Daniel’s memory was gone. However, the doctor said that this is not a strange thing and his memory will return in two to three days.

Day after day passed, but Daniel’s condition is still the same today, a year later. He still considers himself a schoolboy.

However, after a year of alienation with his wife and daughter, he has become quite familiar with them. Also, looking at Daniel’s own memorable photos and Facebook account, it is clear that his memory is indeed gone.

This movie-type incident of memory loss is also surprising to doctors because a part of Daniel’s memory is completely lost but from the time he regains consciousness until he reaches the age of 16, all the memory is perfectly safe.

Why has this happened? Doctors do not have the answer to this question. However, he thinks that this may be due to the constant pressure on Daniel’s brain because he has been suffering from severe problems for the last few years.

First he lost his job and later his savings ran out. So he had to leave the rented house and move to his parents’ house.

Doctors believe that the pressure of these conditions on Daniel’s brain had become unbearable, which led him to (unconsciously) decide to completely erase the memories of twenty years.

However, this is only a hypothesis because we do not know of any practical mechanism (mechanism) for such “complete cleansing” of memories spread over two decades.