30 Million Was Placed In An Ice Box

30 Million Was Placed In An Ice Box

Bedford: A well-known Japanese company put its new and expensive car in a cold storage-like freezer for 12 hours for testing where the temperature was minus 18 degrees Celsius.

This is the Japanese company “Lexus” which is famous all over the world for making expensive cars. The company’s cars are sold in Europe and the United States.

The same company locked its new “LC convertible” car in large cold storage for twelve hours to test the extremely cold weather at Melbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordshire, UK. The value of an LC in Pakistani rupees is about 30 million.

This roof car is dynamic which can be opened and closed if required. The roof of the car was opened for testing.

Large vehicles such as double-decker buses and military machines are usually kept in this cold storage in Bedfordshire for testing, for which a hefty fee is charged.

A team of automobile engineers monitored various parts of the car to assess its effects in severely cold weather.

According to the Lexus company, the car withstood severe cold weather tests and showed tremendous endurance.

By the time the test was over, the car’s interior and exterior were frozen, but it still proved to be tough and its performance didn’t matter.

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