15 features of gaming cases you might not know about

The computer electronics market is divided into two segments: general and gaming. Buyers show more interest in the latter: such accessories are produced with deliberately improved characteristics. For example, gaming mice with reduced latency and response time, or monitors with high refresh rates and adaptive sync. The same applies to components – it so happened that gaming cases are considered the best for home assembly of any level. That’s why.

“Gaming” or “professional” – with the active development of home computers, these definitions have become synonymous. Now even a home build can handle complex tasks and projects. In this regard, the requirements for the living conditions of powerful components began to change in the direction of complicating the design. Now these are not just “pentium and 2 gigs”, but multi-core monsters that can eat up to 300 watts of electricity from an outlet . This energy is actively converted into heat and melts everything that is nearby.

As a result, a modern high-performance assembly no longer requires a factory cooler, but a bulky liquid cooling system. The same goes for video cards and even some models of solid state drives. Correct and efficient cooling of a hot system can only be organized in a well-thought-out professional case. That is, playful – now it has become a quality mark. Further, a detailed explanatory.

Quality of materials
Sometimes a nondescript-looking case costs twice as much as the one that comes from the factory with a complete power supply, primitive fans and other “little things”. Paradoxical, but true. It’s all about the chassis and materials: a good case should be made of metal, not its kind. In budget models, manufacturers use thin metal and compensate for the thickness with enamel. This affects the comfort when using the computer: thin metal resonates, and also easily passes the noise of fans and HDD.

HIPER EREBOS housing [HG-C103] black

Thermaltake S500 TG case [CA-1O3-00M1WN-00] black

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This is the only characteristic that is not subject to marketing. Therefore, it is possible to determine the quality of the system’s performance by weighing it. The heaviest will be the strongest and quietest. In such a case, you can easily assemble a powerful and quiet PC. But it should be understood that not all gaming cases will certainly be thick-walled – we focus on the price category of the product.

Noise is the invisible enemy of the user and others. Therefore, manufacturers of high-quality gaming cases make sure that the closed system unit works as quietly as possible. To do this, they use thick metal, additional noise insulation and vibration damping materials.

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Cabinet Be Quiet PURE BASE 600 Window [BGW20] black

CoolerMaster case SILENCIO S400 [MCS-S400-KN5N-S00] black

To reduce the noise level in most gaming cases of the middle price category and above, seals are used at the joints of moving parts. For example, this is the perimeter that the side panels adjoin, and the joints between the front panel and the chassis chassis. In conventional models, there is nothing there, so noise and dust are guaranteed.

Dust filters
Dust is the visible enemy of the computer and the user. The computer’s cooling system works like a vacuum cleaner : the front fans suck in air and force it through the chassis space, where the air is picked up by exhaust fans on the top or rear of the chassis. In this case, the components act as a filter – most of the dust admitted into the case settles on wires, radiators, boards and drives.

Dust can contain particles of various materials. For example, in areas located near iron foundries, air suspension contains an increased amount of graphite. Accumulating in the system unit along with dust, carbon can cause short circuits. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to carry out preventive maintenance at least once a month and clean the insides with compressed air.

Cooler Master CM694 Case [MCB-CM694-KN5N-S00] Black

Too time consuming? We choose a case with filters and forget about a complete disassembly of the system for at least a year. By the way, anthers are built into many game models by default. Such luxury cannot be found in ordinary buildings.

What could be better than a side wall with magnets – in one fell swoop he took off, admired and closed it. This is useful when you need to remove the side glass, but the cramped conditions prevent you from getting close to the mounting bolts.

CoolerMaster COSMOS C700P BLACK EDITION [MCC-C700P-KG5N-S00] black

As a rule, if the magnets are on the side, then they will be installed under the front panel as well. This is convenience # 2 – cleaning the dust filters will not be a problem due to the tight latches on the front of the case.

Front panel ventilation
Conventional cases are still based on designs from the early 2000s. Naturally, this makes adjustments to the chassis and ventilation system design . For example, in classic systems, the front panel contains only one fan, which acts as an intake. At the same time, there is no perforation to increase the inflow.


In gaming cases, the front can accommodate up to three 140mm fans. To improve airflow, the decorative strip is perforated on the sides or even over the entire area of ​​the panel. A case with such a ventilation system is suitable for systems with a high level of heat dissipation. That is, gaming and workstations.

Large fans
Unlike a regular case, gaming models are designed to install powerful components by default, so they have a lot of landing fans . At the same time, not “office” noise makers (80 mm) fit into the case, but 120 mm or even giants by 140 mm, which pump air with greater efficiency and lower noise level.

Fan Arctic Cooling P14 SILENT [ACFAN00139A]Place for LSS
The maximum heat dissipation of the flagship processors in some tasks already exceeds 300 watts. Air cooling is contraindicated for such monsters. And the liquid cooling system is unlikely to fit into a regular case – no space, no mounts. The way out is to buy a gaming case.

Fractal Design Meshify C White – TG [FD-CA-MESH-C-WT-TGC] white

Case Fractal Design VECTOR RS [FD-C-VER1A-02] black

As a rule, even in budget gaming cases, manufacturers provide a place for at least a 240 mm LSS. More expensive models support giant systems up to 480 mm, while the LSS can be installed in several parts of the system unit.

Cooler height
Even if the processor has enough capabilities of the top-end air cooling system, the classic case simply will not accommodate it . Usually the installation of a good turret in a budget case ends with the amputation of the side cover. Most gaming models are free of this problem: the case is wide enough to accommodate any cooling system available on the market.

Thermaltake Case The Tower 900 Snow Edition [CA-1H1-00F6WN-00] White

Graphics card length
The well-known “sore” of conventional hulls is insufficient length. Due to the peculiarities of the arrangement of the cages for the drives, the overall graphics accelerators rest against the SATA connectors with their backs. But even if you move the drives to another part of the system unit, there will be no more space – the basket will still interfere.

NZXT H510i housing [CA-H510I-BR] black

The chassis of gaming models is built with these factors in mind, so there will be no problems with the placement of even the longest video card.

Vertical GPU Installation
Some users prefer to mount the graphics card vertically , which requires a riser and modified mount. The riser can be purchased separately, but the cutout for the video outputs on the rear panel of the case will have to be done with your own hands. It is unlikely that the result will be better than that of the plant.

It is wise to choose cases with a factory vertical mount – this is supported by almost all current gaming models.

BP location
After moving to the bottom of the chassis, the PSU no longer acts as an exhaust fan. Therefore, it does not need to be present in the main body chamber. On the contrary, to facilitate the assembly and configuration of the power supply unit, wires and connectors are successfully hidden under a metal casing.

AeroCool Cylon Black

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The hidden power supply is a big plus for the gaming case. Moreover, the next advantage comes from this – the ability to make cable management.

Rear cable routing
Cable management is a versatile tool. It makes life easier for the perfectionist and ensures order in the systematic. This has several advantages: dust does not settle on sagging wires, and spare connectors and SATA power braids do not get in the way of the master during system maintenance.

Body Cougar PANZER MAX-G [106AMK0015-00] black

The quality of laying wires in the case depends not only on the straightness of the assembler’s hands, but also on the chassis of the case. In game models, this issue is worked out in more detail than in conventional cases. Case manufacturers provide cable ducts, places for fastening ties, rubberized “windows” and holes for connecting the front panel connectors to the motherboard.

HDD / SSD baskets
New platforms are gradually getting rid of outdated 3.5 “hard drives in favor of compact 2.5” SSDs and even M.2. But still, a large amount of memory is still easier and cheaper to recruit with the help of classic HDDs. And the larger the disc, the more noise it creates and the more it heats up.

Case PHANTEKS Enthoo Evolv mATX Tempered Glass [PH-ES314ETG_AG] gray

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In gaming cases , storage compartments (baskets) have screwless fastening and rubberized sleds. This helps to reduce the level of vibration transmitted to the chassis during HDD activity. A concomitant advantage of this mounting method is ease of installation. To install the HDD, you just need to pull on the mount, a screwdriver and super flexible hands are no longer needed.

Backlight control by voice
Backlighting is an integral part of a modern build. No matter how much the old school cursed at this, the “light” made its way into almost every system engineer. In some assemblies, this is only a glowing logo on the video card, while in others it is a whole system of multicolored ARGB diodes with voice control.

DEEPCOOL CF120 Plus Fan Kit [DP-F12-AR-CF120P-3P]

This really does exist: Thermaltake introduced the Level XT backlit models back in 2018, the color and modes of which can be changed by voice using Alexa. And all this is only in the gaming segment, of course.

Port set
Modern platforms support high data rate interfaces. There may be only a couple of these connectors on the back of the motherboard. The rest are soldered on the board in the form of pin connectors to which remote ports are connected. For example, those on the front of the case.

Thermaltake Level 20 XT Case [CA-1L1-00F1WN-00] Black

USB 3.0 is rarely found in classic case models, and newer and faster standards will get to this segment for several years. Gaming cases have long supported USB Type C – we buy a model for gamers and use the latest technologies. For example, we charge smartphones with increased current or quickly transfer data to an external SSD.