10 neural networks for processing your photos

This article is for those who love new technologies and photography. We will tell you where and how to process your photos faster using artificial intelligence. All methods are free and available to everyone.

Best neural networks for image processing online
The coolest neural networks live on the Internet, because machine learning develops through open interaction with people and analyzing their photos. The more faces and objects the machine “recognizes”, the more experience and associations it will have. Here are a dozen unusual and useful services to enhance and modify your photos online.

Nvidia InPainting
Helps to retouch the image with the smart brush. If a passerby spoils the frame or a trash can is visible in the background, Nvidia InPainting will remove them from the photo.

1. Click the green button and load the picture into the editor. Only JPG and PNG images are supported. The picture will be cropped automatically – it cannot be displayed entirely on the screen, but you can move it to the left or right and scale it.

Let’s say we want no one in the water

2. Select the Hide Mask tool, adjust the brush thickness and paint over the swimmer in the water. Slightly “brush” the ripples next to the object to hide it too. Click Apply Model.

3. Processing the image takes about 3 seconds, we compare the source and the final result.

The ripples remain a little, but when you look at the girls, they are invisible.

The same brush is useful if you need to discreetly correct skin imperfections, smooth out wrinkles and correct voids in the creases of retro images. Anti-aliasing effects are obtained by filling in missing points. The algorithm perceives a stain, wrinkle or stripe as a dead pixel and covers it with the most appropriate texture and color.

Free service from the Austrian company Kaleido. The neural network removes the background from photos automatically, which is much faster than manually drawing the borders of the chroma key. The developers have created versions for Windows / MacOS / Linux, plugins for Adobe Fotoshop, Figma and other programs. There is even an application for Android, so you can praise Remove.bg not only for the speed of work, but also for its cross-platform functionality.

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The company is proud that their development makes a neat cut even around complex contours – flounces of a dress, fluffy hair. Let’s check.

1. Load the image from the PC – you can select from the explorer or paste the URL of the image. The claimed 5 seconds did not have time to pass, but the result was already displayed.

The object is perfectly preserved – the hair, the folds of the bag, the hand – not a single flaw.

2. The service decided to “finish off” our enthusiasm to the limit and offered to edit the work – choose a new background from the library or load your own from a PC.



A service from the developer Ahsen Khaliq details the blurred faces in the photo. Relevant for cases when the shooting took place in poor lighting or “on the go”.

1. Drag the image to the GFP-GAN workspace or import from your computer. You can pre-process the picture – add stickers and text, apply filters.

The site is very simple

2. Click Submit and wait while processing is in progress. With each new attempt, the counter displays that the process took 5-5.5 seconds, but in fact the final result appears after 20 seconds.

Result and original appear in one window

It worked out well. The new image looks a bit synthetic, but much better than the original. It’s only a pity for the lost “bottom” – the editor cropped the photo by 50 percent.

3. Download the resulting picture via “Save As”.

The same platform, but a different algorithm that works not with faces, but with objects and animals. The principle is similar: correct focus violations or remove noise using a neural network, make the object more detailed and clearer. Let’s do this with the picture that we have previously blurred.

We uploaded the file to Real-ESRGAN , clicked Submit. Processing was completed in 12 seconds, although the counter reads 8. The photo really became much sharper, but it does not reach the original. Compare:


40% blurred source.
Original in high definition.
The result processed by the neural network.
Let’s play with logos? We use a Canadian service that will help you create a new logo for the company or provide ideas to create your own unique style. We will develop the design for DNS.

1. Enter the name of the company and click “Start”. Now we need to prescribe the industry, choose references, colors, add a slogan (optional). Looka does not speak Russian, so we prescribe everything in English.

Our screenshots in Russian thanks to the auto-translator extension

2. The last step is choosing an icon. There are hundreds of icons, you can use several. Marked the ones you need, clicked “Continue”. As a result, we got 12 variants of logos.


The logo is developed for free. For an additional fee, you can develop a full-fledged brand book – business cards, T-shirts, invitations, templates for stories, etc.

A fun project from Google that will “teach” anyone to draw. With AutoDraw, you can create icons, small illustrations like a professional animator.

On the left is a menu with drawing tools – pencil, fill, shapes, color palette. You can draw with them, but it is better to use a pencil with an asterisk. It is he who will help us turn any scribbles into something understandable.

We tried to draw a fox

Chanterelle is not very lucky today – instead of her, artificial intelligence offers some cats and dragons. Perhaps it was worth doing fewer details. If the fox really doesn’t look like itself, write in the comments, please.

Not a fox, of course, but also beautiful

Best AI-powered photo editors
You don’t always want to go online and share the data it learns from with the machine. Here are the TOP programs for computers in which Artificial Intelligence takes on several tasks at once and does it locally, without going online.

Smart photo editor from the Russian company AMS Soft works with portrait, landscape, reportage photos. With the help of a neural network, scars, wrinkles, acne, and age spots disappear from faces. The plastic changes – the massive chin leaves, the eyes look larger and more expressive. Even teeth can be visually whitened. PhotoMASTER also works with the figure – it makes the waist narrower, the chest bigger, the legs longer and slimmer.

Acne was removed with the “Healing Brush”

You can discreetly remove objects from images using the Stamp or Patch. And it is also easy to replace the background in the program – you just need to schematically, in a couple of dashes, designate the object that you want to save.

The guy was removed with a “Stamp”

The program is paid, but with a free promotional period. Simple and beginner friendly.

Luminar AI
Skylim’s photo editor comes with a smart Accent filter that automatically enhances your photos. It analyzes tones, depth of field, frame details, and suggests changes to the user. For example, when you are working on a photo of the sky, smart algorithms read in which areas there is a lack of color or brightness, and they themselves “complete” the image. Artifacts – blocky, halos – are removed automatically.

If it’s a shot of foliage, the same thing happens. The neural network enhances the desired fragments, making the greens juicier and brighter. At the same time, the naturalness of the shades is preserved. For selfies and portraits, Luminar selects corrective templates based on how many faces are in the picture, whether there is noise, skin imperfections, etc.

How the sky filter works

The cost of the license is 6520 rubles, but there is a one-month trial period to try and understand the functionality of the program.

Topaz Gigapixel AI
Developed by Texas programmers from Topaz Labs. Like its predecessors, it works on the basis of artificial intelligence, but the main task of this software is upscaling. Upscaling is when a special algorithm artificially “raises” the low resolution of a photo, improving its quality. Thanks to Topaz Gigapixel AI, the clarity and detail of the picture can be increased up to 600%!

Machine learning of the program was based on millions of images of wildlife, landscapes, portraits, architecture. The neural network understood how objects, people and animals look in reality, and learned to fill in the missing pixels in a special way – not by embedding blocks, but naturally, “thinking out”. As a result, the picture not only becomes clearer – it can be scaled, and it still remains detailed. Now even any small photo can be turned into a large one, uploaded to the site or used in advertising, print, desktop screensaver.

Parrot upscaling

To get a trial, you will have to share your email address with the company. The paid package does not require registration and costs $ 100.

We saw how clever algorithms help people “finish building” photos, increase the resolution and detail in pictures, remove the background and objects from the frame. Moreover, neural networks do this with a minimum of errors and much faster than humans. If you’ve ever removed the background by carefully hand-painting every detail. then you know what we mean.