10 most demanding PC games

The rapid obsolescence and high cost of hardware intended for games are the curse of avid gamers. Perhaps in the future this problem will be solved as streaming services develop, but so far the love of modern games with good graphics still implies a considerable item of expenditure in the family budget for the purchase and upgrade of a PC. Consider ten resource-intensive games for 2020, which cannot be played comfortably “on the bucket” even with minimal settings.

The rating is based on tests of games of 2020 with two video cards – the top-end GEFORCE RTX 2080 Ti 11 GB and the budget GEFORCE GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB. The test system also included an Intel Core i9 9900K processor, Transcend JetRam JM2666HLE-32G RAM, and a 512GB Transcend MTE220S SSD. The maximum settings were used at a resolution of 1920×1080.

An original open-world action / RPG adventure game from Hideo Kojima, also known as the “courier simulator”. After the apocalypse, the United States ceased to exist, only the United Cities of America remained, between which a few daredevils ply.

One of these couriers, the protagonist Sam Bridges, will have to overcome the North American mainland along the way, restoring a special chiral network to unite disparate settlements into a single whole. This task will not be easy, because a significant part of the path will have to be covered on foot, and aggressive marauders and monstrous creatures are sometimes encountered in the wastelands.

A remake of the popular criminal action movie of 2002 with modern graphics, gameplay improvements and partial plot changes. The story takes place in a fictional American city of the 1930s, where an ordinary taxi driver, Thomas Angelo, by fate, becomes a member of one of the mafia groups.

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The game offers a twisted plot, dynamic shootings and car rides. Unlike the original, motorcycles also appeared in the remake. In addition to the main story mode with tasks, there is also a “Walking” mode, which allows you to simply explore the city without any goals.

A playful shark simulator with action and RPG elements in an open world. In the role of a large carnivorous shark, the player will have to survive and develop in the coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico, terrifying the locals and avenging children’s grievances.

The shark will have to hunt other aquatic animals for food and obtain materials for pumping, periodically fight other large predators and bounty hunters. The shark has several basic attacks, it can also go out of the water for a short time and use the environment to gain combat advantages.

An action / RPG with strategy elements and an open world that has just been released into early access, but has already gained considerable popularity. The events unfold in the medieval world during the decline of the fictional Calradian Empire, reminiscent of the late Roman Empire. After the death of the emperor, bloody feuds broke out throughout the country, in which detachments of mercenaries, nomads and bandits confronted each other. The player can join either side and facilitate the reunification of the state, or finally bury him.

The game provides the player with ample opportunities for relatively free self-realization. You can choose for yourself the role of a feudal lord, mercenary, bandit, merchant, etc. An integral part of the gameplay are real-time battles with a large number of participants, during which the player will have to fight with his own hands and control the squad.

A kind of turn-based strategy in the spirit of XCOM in the Gears of War universe. It is a prequel to the entire corresponding series, which takes place twelve years before the events of the first part. The main character, an elite COG soldier, has to go on a secret mission to eliminate the monster Ukon, which supplies the enemy army with mutants.

Gears Tactics can be described as XCOM with Locust. In general, a formula similar to such strategies is used. However, there are some differences. In particular, there is no economic component and base management. The emphasis is on action and customization. There is also no stealth here. Movement across locations is more free, without being tied to cells. Action points are not 2, but 3, which leads to an acceleration of the pace of the game.

An open-world Action / RPG greeted quite favorably by the gaming community at one time, released for the PlayStation back in 2017 and by some lucky (for PC gamers) chance this year finally reached the PC. The action takes place in a somewhat grotesque post-apocalyptic world, where the remnants of humanity that have rolled back to primitiveness are confronted by beast robots.

The player, together with the main character named Aloy, is given the opportunity to explore an interesting and picturesque open world in a fairly free mode, hunt cybernetic monsters to obtain valuable parts for creating weapons and other useful items, and observe an interesting plot. Role-playing elements are partly manifested in the form of a pumping tree.

The 14th game in the Total War strategy series and the second part of the Total War Saga sub-series, technically based on Total War: Warhammer II. Since the story of the Trojan War described in the Iliad was taken as the basis for the game, mythical moments in the form of gods, fantastic creatures and legendary heroes also partially migrated from here.

At the same time, the creators did not forget about the historicity, trying to make the attributes and battles more authentic. The player will find in A Total War Saga: Troy over 10 playable factions, new gameplay mechanics – Gods and Blessings, hero fights and a significantly updated economy system.

In the story-driven sequel to the tactical open-world shooter Ghost Recon Wildlands from Ubisoft, the hero will travel to the Pacific island of Auroa in 2025, where the secret development of technology for the US government was carried out. Here the “ghosts” will have to confront not only the detachments of “wolves” led by Walker (John Bernthal), but also a whole army of high-tech drones.

The island is quite large in scale and consists of several picturesque natural areas. New features include the ability to set up camp, where you can change equipment and class, as well as joint raids with live players.

The same game for consoles:

A fast-paced third-person action-adventure game with familiar characters from the Marvel Universe teaming up again to confront the mighty AIM corporation, fight back the hijacked technologies and clear their own good name.

The game is distinguished by its cinematic nature, decent animation, good balance in battles and a large number of Easter eggs. The mission for different heroes will diversify the gameplay. At the same time, such shortcomings as vague pumping, the same type of opponents and annoying microtransactions did not allow the game to become a full-fledged hit.

Another part of the popular racing series from the English studio Slightly Mad, also known for Need for Speed: Shift. This time, the creators decided to make the game more digestible for the mass gamer, reducing the degree of hardcore by mixing accents from simulation to arcade.

The player will have to go from an ordinary racer to a legend, creating, customizing and upgrading suitable sports cars from hundreds of available options, as well as personalizing the character. The game is quite demanding on video resources. To see a great picture, you need to have a good graphics card.