10 mobile apps for meditation

Often you get nervous, break down, and a cup of coffee doesn’t help you get enough sleep? Try to start meditating. Numerous studies have shown that meditation practices can reduce anxiety, improve focus, focus, and make our brains work better. Ten minutes of meditation a day is like a full weekend, even better!

Android , iPhone

One of the most popular meditation apps created by clinical meditation specialist Andy Paddicomb. Headspace is in English, but easy to understand. The app will teach you how to breathe, meditate, manage stress and anxiety, and even sleep well. Suitable for beginners and those who do not understand at all what meditation is and how to do it correctly so as not to fall asleep.

Headspace is a shareware application – there is free basic content for beginners, and then you need to subscribe to it. It contains many practices, tips, and useful articles.

Insight Timer
Android , iPhone

Perhaps the second most popular meditation app and also in English. Although there is support for the Russian version. The Insight Timer library has over 6,000 free meditations and 1,200 audio tracks for practice. The practices are compiled with leading experts in mindfulness practitioners, neuroscientists, psychologists from world renowned universities and colleges.

At the same time, Insight Timer is not only a collection of spiritual exercises, but also a kind of social network. The application interface is a map of the world, and you can look at the locations who are studying right now, find like-minded people and new friends.
















Meditopia: Sleep and Meditation
Android , iPhone

Fully Russian-language and very pleasant application with a huge number of meditations to choose from. The practices are divided according to different situations and purposes: relieve stress, increase awareness, relax and relieve tension – you can choose your request. Morning meditation, evening meditation before bed, short during a break, during a walk or a trip in transport – you can also customize the conditions in which you are going to start the practice.

All lessons are pleasantly voiced. There is some free content in the application, which is not inferior in quality to the paid one. You must subscribe to access the full library.

Moe: Meditation and Sleep

Another application in Russian. Suitable for those who have no experience and knowledge at all. The first sessions for beginners here last only four minutes and only require regularity.

The application contains more than 200 different practices: anti-stress, personal relationships, concentration and productivity, good sleep, work with self-esteem, and gratitude practices.

There is a free basic course for beginners, further exercises for a subscription.

Sleep and Meditation with Serotonin

It is also a completely Russian application and is also available only for iPhone owners. The program teaches beginners to meditate and allows you to customize a personalized practice for the experienced. There are interval breathing sessions that can be used in any situation. There is also a category for improving sleep: soothing sounds for falling asleep quickly, white noise, and a separate course on soothing breathing. The application combines free and paid functionality: there are several free sections with meditations, and night stories, additional breathing practices and motivating affirmations are also available for a subscription. The library of the application is constantly updated, and all meditations are voiced by professional storytellers to make the relaxation as pleasant as possible.

Android , iPhone

Quite a classic, but intuitive and handy application. True, the interface and tracks are in English. Omvana also categorizes practices from total relaxation to focus and productivity. Hundreds of free activities are stored here and you can completely personalize the session by choosing the voice of the narrator, the duration of the lesson and background music.

Stop, breathe and think
Android , iPhone

Another hit app with a huge library of meditations, breathing practices and over 30 free courses. All sessions are divided into many different categories. Also, the application can remember your emotional state, record your personal statistics and recommend new practices based on how you feel. Already at the start of using Stop, breathe and think offers to take a small test in order to choose a personalized session program.

In addition to meditations, the application contains practices in yoga and acupressure (acupressure). All functionality is available only with a paid subscription, but there is also something to do for free. All sessions are in English.

Glo – Yoga and Meditation
Android , iPhone

Glo is more than just a collection of meditations. Rather, a complete guide to the world of deliberate practices and a healthy lifestyle. In addition to over 500 meditation practices, there are also thousands of yoga and Pilates lessons. You can choose classes according to your level of training, desired practices, develop and collect your own collections of classes. The full functionality of the application is paid, and not budgetary – about $ 30 per month.

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Sanvello for Stress & Anxiety
Android , iPhone

Strictly speaking, this is a psychological self-help application and most of the practices are based on the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy. Here are collected psychological and meditative practices, soothing audio tracks and sounds for sessions, self-help methods. All of them help to be aware of emotions, overcome anxiety, stress and apathy, and improve internal well-being. The application has a tracking of their own health and an anonymous user community – chats and forums. Full functionality is available for a subscription, but many exercises are freely available. True, everything is in English, and some of the possibilities are available only for the United States.

Let’s Meditate: Meditate, Relax & Sleep

Completely free application with no ads or registration. There is nothing superfluous here – only meditations, varied in duration and tasks. The interface is elementary – choose the session you want, turn it on and relax. All tracks can also be downloaded to the device and listened to offline. Convenient for travel, flights or outdoor recreation where there is no internet. The application, like all tracks, is in English.