10 functions of hoods you might not know about

The range hood is one of the most useful devices in the kitchen. It quickly and effectively removes steam, various odors and combustion products, protecting the finish and ceiling from contamination. In addition to the main one, some models of hoods have additional functions. We will tell you about the most interesting and useful ones in this article.

Delayed shutdown
It is recommended to turn on the hood as soon as you start cooking something. This applies even to those cases when you simply boil water with gas, since combustion products get into the air. However, not many housewives know that it is recommended to leave the hood on even after the end of cooking – for an average of 5-10 minutes. Various contaminants will still remain in the air, and an additional five minutes of technician work will help remove them.


The problem is that after many hours of cooking, there is no longer any strength to return to the kitchen just to turn off the hood. This is where the delayed shutdown function comes to the rescue. After the end of cooking, you just need to indicate after what time it is necessary to turn off the equipment. So you will reduce gas pollution in the kitchen, and you will not have to go to turn off the device.

Touch control
Despite the fact that many do not trust sensors, this type of control has several undeniable advantages.

First, reliability. Any button is a movable element, the design of which wears out or becomes clogged with grease over time. As a result, the buttons may sink or work every other time. Touch controls do not have this problem, since only touch is needed to operate.

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Secondly, such models are much easier to clean. Thanks to the sensors, the panel has a perfectly smooth surface without any protruding elements. This hood is very easy and convenient to wipe clean. In addition, the touch surfaces look as aesthetically pleasing as possible, and the purpose of each function can be highlighted by a small LED icon, which also works for ease of use.

Modern household appliances are often equipped with a timer – this applies to washing machines, kettles, and more. The hood timer is especially useful. For example, you can synchronize the time with the timer on the hob, and all appliances will turn off on their own after the specified time. The same function is responsible for the operation of the delayed enable or disable. Typically, users can adjust the time between 5-60 minutes in five or one minute increments. Almost all hoods of high and medium price segments are equipped with a timer

Remote control
Some models of hoods may be equipped with a remote control. In most cases, the hood is at arm’s length during cooking, so many will find this function completely useless. However, there are a few exceptions where remote control will prove invaluable.

Firstly, this applies to models that are installed high, almost under the ceiling. The remote control is used to control such hoods. Secondly, this function will be useful in a large kitchen – you can turn on a certain mode of operation without leaving the table, for example, when chopping vegetables or doing other work.

The functionality of the remote control depends on each specific model, but the minimum set usually includes an on / off button, as well as a change in operating modes.


Built-in Filters
Any hood needs periodic maintenance, namely cleaning. After a couple of months of active use, a whole layer of fat will accumulate on the inner surfaces. Considering not the most convenient location, cleaning the hood turns into a real challenge.

To minimize contamination, developers build filters into the design. The simplest ones are disposable filters that look like small mats made of acrylic, non-woven or padding polyester. As soon as such a filter becomes dirty, it is thrown away. Reusable filters are made of several layers of mesh or perforated foil and can usually be cleaned by yourself.

Carbon filters are considered the most effective and expensive. They serve an average of 3–6 months, after which a complete replacement is required. Some brands use compressed charcoal. Such filters can be washed and dried on their own, and the service life reaches up to three years.


Filter clogging indicator
How not to forget to change worn-out filters? The developers thought about this problem too – the indication of contamination became the solution. A special icon lights up on the control panel, which indicates the need to clean the grease filter or change the charcoal filter. As a rule, the indicator is based on a timer that counts the number of working hours for each individual filter. As soon as this parameter exceeds the threshold set by the manufacturer, the indication will turn on. In some hoods, users themselves can set the filter resource depending on the intensity of the use of equipment.


The hood can be equipped with a small, full-size LCD display. Depending on the model and functionality, the following information may be displayed on it:

current time;
the remainder of the timer;
lighting condition;
selected operating mode;
the state of the filters.

Ability to work with an external motor
Most hoods generate noise in the 40 to 70 dB range. To many, this will seem loud enough, given other appliances in the kitchen. An external motor will help to reduce the noise level – it can be installed both on the outside of the building wall and in a utility room, for example, in the attic.

Additionally, many manufacturers offer several external motors to choose from at once. For example, buyers of Falmec hoods can choose an outboard motor for 950, 1100 and 1300 m³ / h.

Additional operating modes
The standard operating mode for any hood is air extraction . However, more and more models are equipped with an additional mode – recirculation . The key difference is that the air is not vented to the ventilation system, but circulates through the extractor hood in the room. Typically, this mode requires charcoal filters to clean the incoming air.

The recirculation hood is useful for those houses where ventilation is very weak or completely absent.

Sixth Sense
Advanced hoods are equipped with a special gas analyzer that constantly analyzes air pollution. Thanks to him, the hood can be switched on automatically, performing a drain or recirculation. This may also include a smoke or steam detector, which, if there is a strong burning on the hob, will turn on the hood on its own. Built-in sensors also allow you to adjust the suction power of the hood depending on the degree of evaporation.